Trunk chop sequoia

Not sure if “beginners” is the correct section, but I want to ask about trunk chopping sequoia. I have access to multiple young sequoias, but they are already very tall. Over ten feet, as expected at this age. I wonder what the rules are for trunk chopping a sequoia, to get it back to manageable height and expect new shoots to grow. Can this be treated as I would expect, or are there any nuances to trunk chopping a sequoia? Thanks, in advance.

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Is it a coastal redwood (sequoia sempervirens) or giant sequoia (sequioadendron giganteum)?

Assuming giant sequoia:

I don’t think there is anything too special about them. In fact they need regular chops while in development I believe. Just make sure to have something that can take over as the new leader.


@nmhansen, thanks for the reply. Quick. It is giant sequoia. Sorry, forgot to mention that. That’s what I figured, but thanks for the link. It seems this answers most of my questions. For now, anyway. Just wanted to see if anyone had experience with this and had anything to add. I appreciate it. Thanks

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