Trident Maple from Partial Defoliation feature - progress photos

Hey all!

The owner of the trident maple featured in our new Partial Defoliation video wanted me to share a few photos of the tree so you can get a better idea of its progress over time. Here’s a photo of it after it had “passed its peak” (September 2016 - owner’s words, not mine :wink:) and a photo after its major cutback (April 2018). We’re going to see if we have any photos after the first season of regrowth–if we can track them down I’ll post those here too. Enjoy, hope you’re having a great week!


Nice to see a follow-up on purchased trees.


Who grew this tree initially? I missed the name. Suisun? Sure I spelled the incorrectly:)

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Suthin Sukosolvisit.

He went into semi-retirement in 2016 and had a huge tree sale. I picked up this trident, a Sylvestris and a Hinoki. He is a heavyweight.


Thanks for the response. I can’t believe I missed out:( I love his work.

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