Tips on callicarpa anyone?

Hey guys,

I got myself a pretty decent beauty berrie this winter (japanese not American variety).
Info around the web is pretty scarce on this species.
Anyone have any experience with this species, timing of repot, soil pref./ pruning ECT ?

Tips are welcomed!


I have American and I treat it like a standard deciduous. Repot early spring at bud swell in Akadama, partial defoliation techniques at post-flush leaf hardening, and pruning at leaf drop.

Thanks @chuckwheat !
How’s the backbuding on yours?

Do you know if they flower on new twigs or last years twigs?

Backbudding is pretty good. It’s a shrub and has a basal growth habit. They can be cut back hard.

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Flowers are on new growth, so if you push ramification hard you may not get flowers/berries that year.

Read this thread once. No interest in callicarpa.
… However, for some reason, this popped up in my news feed… gotta laugh, THEY watch everything you do now…

<que the “Twilight zone” music… Do da doo do doooo…>

Yeah they do :smile:
Thanks for the link!

Now, they are adding injury to insult… don’t know if any of it is useful to bonsai growing …

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