Anyone have experience with a heather - Calluna vulgaris?

Iv had a Calluna vulgaris or Heather as a small bonsai for two years but i dont know much about them. I know they need acidic soil and that they dont want to dry out. But Im happy for all the help I can get and would happily take advice from someone with experience.

It needs a repot this spring and iv bought a nice yellow hatori pot that i think will go nicely with the pink flowers. Its not amazing in any way but Iv grown attached. I picked it up from a cliff by the coast and didnt have to cut the roots at all. I could lift it strait out of the cliff and put it in to a pot without any rootwork. It seemed to be thriving firs but then the first winter i lost a branch and now during the second winter iv got some browning of the foliage.



I just watched Ryan’s stream on the sage brush, and it reminded me of heather - which caused me to do a search. Hence, the reply to this older topic.

I love heather as a bonsai subject. It’s actually one of those plants that you can find as nursery stock that already have some great character. They don’t back-bud much on old wood, but they do grow like crazy during the growth season, and can be like trying to keep up with a Chinese Elm as far as growth management.

Here is a little Caluna vulgaris that I have worked on for a couple of years. From it’s original mug-shot, severe cleaning out and bursts of regrowth, you can see it becoming a beautiful little tree.


Your tree is beautiful and has inspired me to give heather a try. I’ve always admired the different varieties I’ve seen in nurseries. Thanks!
Edmonds, WA