Tie downs, pot preparation and drainage hole drilling

A few questions that will probably be asked later-
What gauge electrical fence wire does Ryan use for tiedowns?
What gauge copper wire does Ryan use for the Mickey mouse ears/drainage mesh holds?

I have a drill and need guidance as to what attachment I need to get through both clay/micah pots and thin wood for grow boxes.


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17 gauge iron fence hotwire. Strong and rust resistant.
Probably about 14 ga for drainage. I always use copper…it prohibits roots from cloging drains. Also keeps bugs out-- copper is a toxic metal.
Quarter inch hole for tiedown. , half inch or larger for drainage. If you ONLY have one drainage hole–use a 10 ga short piece of wire on the bottom outside to wrap takedown wire.
MIRAI is AWSOME! Ryan rules.


You can use 16, or 17 gauge. The 17 is easier to handle. For the drainage mesh, use about 2 mm aluminum. Drilling a pot requires a masonry bit. Drill until you’re just barely through, then finish from the other side, so you don’t blow out the ceramic.


Also, someone needs to constantly squirt the drill bit with water to keep it cool.

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Or a diamond bit. Cheap at Harbour freight. Mineral oil works. Won’t hurt tree or pot.

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When using a masonry or diamond bit to drill stone or ceramics, I let a slow trickle of water run over the hole as I work. So… if you don’t have a cordless drill, don’t let your extension cord, or your feet, get wet.

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Thanks for the tip- saved me $15.
The rotary bit? Or does it need a pointed tip?

I would never let my poor feet get wet! lol


Thanks specifically for the detail on drilling, I’ll be more cautious now.

I think… the rotary will only fit a hammer drill. If the shank is strait and NOT fluted, either.
Drill slowly, also rem: the bit will get bloody hot.

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I have found that saving the money isn’t as important as drilling the holes without incident. Carbide bit works but more pressure needed to drill ( sometimes the pressure can break the pot).
Diamond dust hole saws work best in my book and repeat use as well ( some ceramics harder than others and can dull masonry drills too quickly ).


I accidentally ordered aluminum fence wire. Will this stretch too much?

If you ordered it in the gauges we’ve been discussing, it is a relatively weak wire, but if you’re using it for small trees with established root systems, it probably won’t make much difference.

BOOM! As he tosses the mic and struts off stage. Hah!