This one has me on edge

Not so much bragging but certainly excited and hopeful for this one.
As collecting season winds down in Vermont, and oh what a good one, trying to not get to attached till I know trees are settled in and recovering.
However the possibilities of 1 has me a little on edge.


What a beauty! Good luck!

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anyone finding the actual live vein on this one gets a price


I know where the live vein is! And my prize is the tree I’ve grown in the ground for 16 years .
I cut off several branches over the years.

oh, then that is unfair advantage and i will have to get my lawyer onto this and somehow sue myself a tree … ;-. And this one would be worth the expenses.
Enjoy the journey.

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Wow. What’s the story behind this tree? Field grown? Straight into a bonsai pot?

16 years in the ground.
Some root work and lots of prunning over the years. When it was finally dug up there were 2 long runners that had to be cut but a majority of fine roots in close. And also only one live vein at this point. It fit in this pot surprisingly easy.
Still doing good. Getting very minimal but new growth now.

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