Things to see/do in Hawaii?

My family is headed back to Oahu, Hawaii over the new year, any suggestions of bonsai related things I should make sure to go see?

Last time I was there, nearly a decade ago, I was still deeply in the world of orchids, and obviously had a whole circuit I did whenever we visited. (we were military & traveled a lot)
While I know there is less bonsai than orchids in Hawaii, and that a few places where damaged by hurricanes in the past decade, I also know with the pacific rim influence, it is there to be found.

@Rivka I’ll tell you the last time I went to Hawaii I had a hell of a time finding bonsai anywhere. Officially. I did come across a local bonsai show on the Big Island, and I did find a bonsai nursery on one of the islands (don’t recall which island), but it was closed. Seems hard to come by. I would guess you would have the best chance on Oahu since it’s the most populous island and has the big city. Since I didn’t go to Oahu for the city I avoided Honolulu and Pearl City at all costs. Maybe there is bonsai to be found there. But I will tell you 100% you should go to Koko Crater Botanical Gardens on the east side of Oahu. No bonsai, but the trees there are amazing. Lots of interesting exotic and beautiful trees, and when I went there was no one else there. Seems maybe it’s not well visited. Definitely go there. Good luck finding bonsai.

I saw zero bonsai, but plenty of inspiration. Check out the kiawe trees that lines the beaches. These trees tend to get knocked over by storms but keep on trucking because of their deep tap roots. The end result is a beautiful example of raft style trees with striking deadwood from the ocean water.

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Hi @Rivka . Try contacting the Hawaii bonsai association. Their website list some bonsai clubs that would be worth checking out.

Happy bonsai hunting