The mystery of watering

Today I am happy to share with you a new toy that allows me to combine my love of Automata with Bonsai. It is made of cherry, basswood,birch plywood and some maple and mahogany.Best of all, it let me take pieces of my dead subalpine fir bonsai and reanimate them. With this simple device I celebrate my friends at Binsai Mirai. I am sure there will be some who say these figures dont’t look like the Mirai crew.To this I say I’m a toymaker not a portrait artist. Please enjoy the “mystery of watering”.


Very clever. It’s always fun to see what people do outside of Bonsai.

thanks Jeramiah glad you enjoyed it…

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Awesome! @Ryan should trade it with you for a tree… :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rafi I’m glad you liked it.its better in 3 dimensions.

Omg hahaha that’s so cool! Is that Ryan and Troy?!

Thanks Mike …might be…

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It’s pretty on point!