Texas Sage (Leucophyllum) flowers

I just wanted to share the beautiful but short-lived flowers on this pre-bonsai TX Sage.


I have a sage. Thought it was Texas Sage. Can’t be though. My flowers look different. Great little shrubs/trees though. I have them in my landscape.

The sage that grows on the east coast is normally Salvia, not Leucophyllum.

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Took another look at mine. Turns out that it is a Texas Sage. Mine got hit hard by aphids this year.

Ah ha! That definitely looks the same. There are a variety of common names for quite a few species within the genus that all get called something along the lines of Desert / Texas / Mexican sage.

I havent had aphid problems with mine, but then again I have crepe myrtles and those things are aphid magnets. I’ve had several rounds with aphids this year and all of them have been on one or more crepe myrtles.

Those things get my CM as well. I’ve had a lot of luck with a product called Drench, but it’s a synthetic. Some ppl aren’t down with that. I’m going to treat my tropicals with it soon in prep for bringing them indoors. The other sage that I have in the ground didn’t get touched by aphids though and it’s doing well.

Next year I’m going to see if there are any aphid host plants I can put into the ground around my yard. The idea is to attract them to a plant that you “don’t care about” in an effort to keep them away from he plants you don’t want them on.

Oh, thanks for the tips on the grow tent btw. After I put the kit together in my Amazon cart my wife changed her mind lol. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: Going to just get some wire shelving and put it in front of a south facing window. Did something similar last year, but this will be a lot less ghetto. :laughing:

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