Telperion Tree Repotting

While watching the live stream re: Field Grown Pine 1-2, it seems like Ryan mentions repotting the tree, and that there may be some form of media content…anyone know where to find it? It seems like it was something odd, like twitter, or some other media. I’d like to see/hear/read about that process…coming out of the bag, and going into a pot.

He said during the stream that this tree will be repotted in 3 years. I cannot imagine Ryan doing all that work on it and then repotting it in the same year. That is a NO NO for conifers.

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I think you’re referring to the Asymmetry podcast with Telperion Farms


Lots of love for Gary Woods!!

@Stavros…the tree had already been potted up from the in-ground bag, prior to the live stream when it was styled. So, not asking about something new, but rather some already existing content that had been put out. He mentioned it during the stream, maybe part I.

@Tac…nope, I’ve listened to that twice :slightly_smiling_face:
I want to say it was something like twitter, but can’t recall. Just hoping someone on here was paying better attention than I was.

The tree was potted up from the in ground bag a year ago as per Ryan if my memory serves me well. Based on what Ryan is teaching, he would never re-pot a tree and then work on it, especially a conifer.
I am not trying to play it smart, i am just trying to be helpful here - if you are not happy with the reply, you can do it in a nicer way or ignore me.

@Stavros…not sure what I said that you feel wasn’t “nice”, I was just hoping someone had caught the reference he made to the repot, so I might be able to view it.

Sorry you got offended, but again, not sure what it was that upset you.