Supply Recommendations

Hi all! Hopefully this topic will prove helpful for beginners like me who may need some supply recs. I’ll kick it off here…

Can anyone recommend a brand of tea bags for fertilizer? I have ordered two different brands from Amazon so far, but they’ve both been too good of quality and don’t break down and disintegrate the way we need them to for bonsai. They were paper, not cloth, but still a bit too sturdy/thick. I worry that they will keep the nutrients from being delivered efficiently.

Another one would be for affordable ceramics. I got a few pots -again from an Amazon supplier- and though they’re OK I’m wondering if I can do better without spending a ton. * I look forward to collecting some of the beautiful work by the ceramicists Mirai carries and promotes down the line, but they feel a bit too precious to be starting off with.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks to @Garrett240 for this rec. for bamboo. Thought I’d add a link here too.

I don’t use tea bags for fertilizer but working with finest loose leaf tea and the brand we use I can’t find but have an idea what you are talking about.
Did you try nylon ones? You might evern re-use them. Check these out:

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Bought these on amazon and they work well. 100 bags for $5 so 5 cents a piece.
What size pots are you looking for? I use mica or plastic pots unless I plan to show the tree.


These are the ones that I use.

500 of them for $10.80 on Amazon.