Styling Yamadori Lodepole Pine

Here is a collected Lodgepole Pine from Mammoth Lakes, CA, September 2010, hosted by Scott Chadd of Lotus Bonsai Nursery. Measures 31 ins tall with 3 in trunk. I wired it a year ago. It was repotted January 2021.

I am not comfortable with the design. I view the heavy foliage and numerous branches throughout the design. How can I enhance the design? Three photos: front, back and top.


She looks really healthy! If she were mine, I would start by:

-Removing bar branches, setting up the ol left , right, back, left right pattern. I personally enjoy a more natural looking tree so I woulndt keep to hard to that pattern. I need some of my trunk covered with foliage here and there. I like the foliage on the front of the trunk mid way, but the top seems a bit crowded.

  • I would reduce the foliage at the top by two nodes. In reference to the background house planking, the top jin poking through plank number 1, I would remove foliage down to around plank 3 (lol, does that make sense?).

-As for overall tree movement, the trunk and apex average over the center of the nebari. I think now is a good time to decide if you want to keep it that way to to move the apex to the left or right of the base for more movement feel

-Traditionally a tree like this would be better in a square or oval pot, but the round aint so bad to my eye.

Looks like a lovely tree, have fun!

-Wire secondary branches horizontally if you can

Great tree!
You might consider if the upper half of the tree is adding to the quality or degrading the quality. I tend to think it’s the latter.



Have you considered bending the trunk or perhaps a wedge cut to get some movement into the upper trunk?