Stream last week

Was there a stream last week? It is not in the library

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Blue rug juniper nursery stock… I have not seen it either.

Pretty sure the team has the week between Christmas and New Year off.

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No stream on the 27th. But 12/20/2022 Nursery Stock Shohin Creation… have not seen it in the library. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The editors and uploaded are probably taking some much needed vacation.

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maybe but there were 4 days last week when it could have been added.

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Perhaps they went on vacation before they could edit and post. After all it was just before Christmas.

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Just popped up this afternoon!!
Nursery Stock Shohin Creation
Skill level says advanced… but I think buying a few and making each the best you can would be an excellent hands on learning experience for anyone with tools and wire and training pots or smaller ceramics.

Hi, I’m new here, and new to bonsai. I’m planning on finding some blue rugs or similar this weekend to try styling. All the individual aspects of bonsai appear simple, but putting them together in a coherent manner seems like the hard part.


Great way to get hands on experience! I recommend watching the design fundamentals video to give you blue prints for different designs that work to make pleasing and reproducible design choices. HARMONY…TENSION…DYNAMIC…not the only choices, but a good start.
Design Fundamentals
A little wire… an hour spent cleaning the branches… and do some structural wiring and deadwood creation. Only by repetition will your hand and mind learn to give you the results you want. Good luck, have fun. Share your results and document your improvements.

Thanks! Over in the beginner’s section of the forum, there’s a pinned discussion including a list of essential videos to watch. I think design fundamentals was one of them. I’m trying to go through one of those every couple of days. I’ve also noticed several trees in my yard that are asking to be air layered. Pieris, pyracantha, redbud, juniper, weeping cedar, arbor vitae, maybe a red oak if I get out the big ladder… We’ll see what happens in spring. Right now, I’m planning and arranging and making space and trying not to blow my entire budget all at once.

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Great! If I had these streams 30 years ago… I would be a lot better by now! And many trees would have survived? We are so luck to have these resources!