Storing of Sugars and Starches

We all hear this phrase a lot, but my question is where is it stored? I feel like we mention how the tree stores it up and stores it up, but then Ryan takes a pomegranate that has all this energy stored and cuts off all of the roots and branches. Does this not remove some of the energy it had stored up? If so what is the point of storing up so much energy if we just cut it all off? How do we know what parts have more energy than others? Is it thickness?

I feel like the answer is it stores it up in “the cloud”, and no matter what we do to it it somehow retains it all, but I’d love a thorough explanation of the physiological phenomenon of using “the cloud” to better understand.

I would ask this in the Q&A but I’m not always able to make it there as much as I’d like, so if this could get asked there I’d love to watch the replay as well.

I’m going to move whatever I have to move to be available for the next QandA. I’ll write this down and ask for you.

@Nate_Andersen it depends on the species of tree we are talking about. The pomegranate for instance, or any deciduous tree for that matter, stores all of the resources in the vascular system. We know this because each spring the tree has to regenerate an entire leaf mass. This is how Ryan was able to do such drastic work on both roots and branches, the pomegranate had a ton of stored energy because it was allowed to grow freely. Our elongating species such as redwood, spruce etc also store in the vascular system and have a similar strong flush of growth each season.

Pines on the other hand store their resources in their roots. We know this because of how coarse pine roots are and how much they rely on mycorizha to thrive. Compare that to a juniper that has a fairly delicate root system and it makes sense that junipers strength is in the foliage.

Thank you my friend. I look forward to it. I thought about trunk chopping a trident for example. If you were instead able to like saran wrap and put a black plastic over the top part so that it didn’t grow there, but somehow retain the vascular tissues from the top portion wouldn’t that give you more potential energy to work with?

I’m just speculating here, but it would probably spend all that energy trying to keep that top portion alive until it finally gave up let that covered portion die off.