Energy balance, future air layer

Hi everyone. I have this yamadori juniper that was collected three years ago. This year I did a light prune and some structural design in the spring. Last week, (September 17th) I lightly pruned and did some secondary structural work. However there are five large branches in the back of the tree that I plan to air layer next spring. I have not pruned these branches in hopes the foliar mass will encourage root growth.

Now I am starting to worry the unpruned branches will pull energy away from the branches I have pruned. Should this be something I should worry about considering I will cut them off at the end of next summer? Should I prune them a little now just in case? Should I leave them alone?

The first picture is the tree I want to keep. The second is of the 5 straight limbs I plan to air layer.

Thanks for your advice.

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I wouldn’t worry about it, that tree looks super healthy and vigorous, I’m sure the branches you intend to keep won’t skip a beat.

That’s an awesome piece of yamadori!

Keep posting updates, I’d love to see how it progresses.


I second @Tim_in_Denver. Just let it be for now. Gorgeous material!

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