Starting bonsai from seeds with Aeroponic

I am getting curious about how aeroponics could be used to start a tree more effectively. I could not find any topic on the mirai forum about aeroponics and bonsai, so I thought to start one.

I have just ordered a small aeroponic system to experiment. I would like to use it to germinate the seeds and grow the seedling with the benefit of the balanced root base that the aeroponic systems can generate. I will share my experience while it builds up. In the meantime, has anyone already any experiences that he/she can share about bonsai and aeroponics?

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I grow lots of seeds every year the normal way so I’d be very interested how you get on.

From what I’ve seen with hydro/aqua/aeroponic systems the root system seems to be able to develop extremely fine (in correlation with the species). This may beneficial for developing a fine root system close to the base of the tree but I’d fear that I’d may be very hard to fit bonsai soil within the layers of fine roots, and if soil cannot be included within the layers you may see root rot from close contact. If you’re looking for a fine root system with easy repotting I might suggest germinating your seeds in the sifts -16th inch of your bonsai soil, but for aeroponics I can’t see a solution.

This is my concern, moving from the aeroponic system into the training container. I am going to experiment about the seedlings react for different species.

I wouldn’t put it into bonsai soil immediately but instead go with an organic mix which I think would toughen the roots in readiness for potting on when required. You can spread the roots out like the spokes of a wheel and cover the roots that way. Be a delicate operation but do able.

It’s hydroponics rather than aeroponics, but Cmeg on has been documenting his experiment with hydroponics for over a year and he’s had great success. He includes a lot of technical details, responds to questions and posts lots of pictures, really fascinating stuff
Extended season starting trees indoors | Bonsai Nut

Update. I have put 18 seeds of Quercus Suber in the aeroponic system.

13 of them have developed white elongated roots like in the picture


4 of them have developed small cotyledon leaves like in the picture


3 weeks have passed since positioning the seeds in the aeroponic system. The seeds (stored in the refrigerator) were already showing signs of sprout before moving to aeroponics. Most of them had already broken the protection with the tip of the root. In the system they have boosted their growth. I will keep waiting to see what the rest of the seeds do.

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Great stuff Simone, keep us updated…

@simone.ratti Cool…
‘13 of them have developed white elongated roots like in the picture’
Just my opinion…
From experience , that is the ONLY root the seed will put out. It is growing ONLY at the tip. Into air. It will get longer. It will eventually dry out and die…
It will never fit into a bonsai pot.
How do you intend to deal with it?
I lifted my potted up (mixed) oak seedlings and clipped the root tip. They all survived. Then, grew long root tips. Real long root tips…filled the pot… in three years. Five times the height of the tree. Trimmed back those , too. Most survived.
Eventually, they DID grow side feeder root-lets. Those got long , too!
Loved every minute, love every one of em.
…They are spectacularly ugly. Going on 20 years…:joy:
Bonsai On!

Hi @KurtP I have no previous experience on the topic so I cannot answer your blunt question.

Looking under the pots I can see that a few of them have already started multiple white roots as in this picture:

and a few of them are throwing smaller roots off the elongated one as in this picture:

I cross my fingers hoping they will progress, and if they do, I will experiment how they can be moved from the aeroponic system to an airpot container before thinking about training pots or bonsai pots.

Any suggestion is welcomed.