Soil Mixture for Subalpine Fir

I will be repotting a collected Subalpine Fir fairly soon and am unsure of the appropriate soil mixture for this species (ratio and size range). It is currently potted in what appears to be almost entirely akadama although there are traces of pumic and lava.

Any insight would be most appreciated!

We repot a little shohin Subalpine fir in this livestream - - may give you some direction!


Thanks Kendall – super helpful!

I’ve always used the 2:1:1 akadama lava pumice mix. Larger collected tree. 15 years. Also-- use the sphagnum/ moss covering. Do not remove ALL of the original soil at one time. Thirds over three years.

Grows moss like crazy. NOT in full sun above 90 deg.

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Hey Kurt,

Great info – many thanks for replying. Beautiful tree!