Alpine Fir design

Any suggestions? I added a pic of the 3rd tree. I’m thinking of group planting. These are subalpine firs, field grown in the mountains and dug last fall. Just arrived a nearby nursery (Covington creek nursery, WA)

Can’t decide if I put them all in an Anderson flat for now, or put them up, or SLAB :heart_eyes: (my preference).

I still have time to repot, and maybe do a little cleaning up, or style first?


Is it one tree with two trunks or two separate trees? I like the natural curves on both trees!

I checked them out last night, I believe they’re separate. I thought they were together too, it’ll be a nice mother-daughter. Nice elegant, long slender trunk on all 3.
Actually there’s a tiny 4th one (sharpie thick trunk).

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Loving the curve! Thats the reason I wouldn’t group it just keep them in one pot and keep it formal.
Beautiful material @ThienXiang :heart_eyes:

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I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll work with the trees, let them show me what they want. I’ll get the pots ready for group or individual planting.

I can picture them on a rocky hillside or cliff in a loose group leaning over. Or a tight group in an isolated area by the river. I can also see why they’re ok on their own.

Thank you :grinning:

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If it is not too late to repot where you’re at, and If you have some idea of the future angle/front, I’d suggest to go ahead and repot without removing any foliage or if it is a forest planting, as little as necessary to get the trees at the necessary distance and relative orientation. As Ryan suggests, this will allow you to establish a good root system and prior to styling and it will save you a year or two in development.

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Yep. That’s the plan. I remember it from the streams.
Do I plant in a box or in a pot? I want to plant them in a slab eventually.

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I’d say that if you have the slab plant it in it. If you don’t plant it in a bonsai pot. When you repot, this first time it will be your best chance to ever work on problematic sections of the root system - so think carefully if something you leave will become a potential impediment in the future. Be careful though to do away with as much as necessary but not more.

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Thanjs Rafi. I can’t do root work on these trees. They’re collected last fall. I don’t have the slab yet, I do have a large oval pot, maybe about a foot and a half wide, 2 inches deep. I can possibly drop by home depot and buy a large or xl flagstone, drill holes and use it as the slab.

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Oh, yeah, I missed that point, if collected last fall yes, wait a year…

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Got the trees potted. Nursery soil was still very loose, just a few large roots were removed. There were new roots coming out.
I’ll be changing the angle in the next repot making them lean to the right more.
I might add sedum on the front right and back left side to take care of the “emptiness” or add stones.


My alpine firs are out in the yard now.


[quote=“ThienXiang, post:12, topic:808”]/
My alpine firs are out in the yard now.

I cannot tell from the photo, did you top dress the soil? Moss or top dressing and moss would be both useful and fill in the ’ to take care of the “emptiness” ’ as you stated.

I like it. I’d consider jinning the entire top of the left-hand tree from the point it has that straight bare section .

Yes Bob. Ryan’s top dressing, less the dye. I did add a thin layer of aquarium substrate (eco-complete) to give it a black tinge.

I’ve been considering it. We’re going to Hurricane Ridge in July for camping. I’ll get ideas there. Thanks!
This planting will take a while. I still want to change the angle, give them a slight lean to the right, get them ready for a slab or shallow pot that slopes down to the left.