Recommendations soil mix Douglas fir

As the title suggest.

Interested in people’s soil mix for Douglas fir.

Thank you in advance

I would suggest either 1-1-1 with the 1/16" (1 mm) in or 2-1-1. Douglas fir tend to grow in the wetter forest areas. I only have a small one, so I am not an expert by any chance, and I have not watched a Douglas fir stream that included repotting to see what Ryan used.

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1:1:1 days to me scoria, Akadama and pumice in equal parts…but I could be wrong because giving a ratio without listing the constituents is making a pretty big assumption for someone who is asking a question about soil makeup.

Is it common knowledge that a listed soil components ratio is understood by all?

Asking for a soil nerd (myself).

@DonPettit good point about listing the details of soil mix or similar item rather than just giving numbers. My 1-1-1 reference was to akadama-pumice-scoria/lava. I imagine that most, but not all of the folks on the Mirai forum would think that as well after watching a few repotting videos. However, I plan to list the items at least once in the thread in the future. I try to list both imperial and metric/SI units as well since this is an international forum.

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Thanks Marty…now I know what the 2 is in 2:1:1!

But I should have known that was alphabetical.

But I know scoria as lava so that messes up the alphabetical order for the last two! I believe that Michael Hagadorn does not use any scoria/lava in most mixes since that is the component that is hard on root pruning tools so his mix might be 1-1-0 or similar.

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