Sick Wedge Cuts

The question was raised in tonight’s Q&A about wedge cuts. Ryan referenced some he’s seen in Asia. Here is a Youtube video of a really sick set of wedge cuts being used to bend a Podacarpus (I think that’s what it is).

How to bend a bonsai - Have you tried this yet #81 - YouTube

I think your’e right Bob, it looks like a podocarpus. I wonder what else it may be successful on?

It’s beyond my experience… never done a wedge cut before. I’ve seen a couple done by other members of my bonsai club (both were successful), but they were single wedges on much smaller trees (larch).

I haven’t done one either and I don’t know if I would be brave enough to do that many on one tree. It did look like it was somewhere warm and I be that makes a huge difference not having a cold winter.

I think the videos are done either in Vietnam or Taiwan. Not sure which.

Man, idk if I’d attempt that even on a podo. They probably benefit from a year round growing season there. My winters are fairly mild, but idk if it would be successful in the long run.

It would be impossible here as winters here can be severe. More snow forecast …

oh man, the callous on those wedge cuts are so ugly to my eye. Looks like bamboo nodes

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