Sharps Pygmy design help

Hi everyone, really looking for some ideas where to go with this maple! its about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. any suggestion’s! would be great! Thanks


I mean, its already so well developed. Youve got carte blanche. I would start by figuring out the front. Is that what youve presented here? Then develop a clear line from base to tip. This means you need to thin out the upper area to have a clear transition of primary line. Then go after structural flaws like the whorl of branches at the bottom.

this is the best front i think with the base. i will root graft next year to help it along. where would you cut main trunk to start creating taper ?

I don’t care for the big straight section above the lower branch whorl. What about making the large branch the new leader? Either as an informal upright or by rotating it towards the front as more of a an upright. I know it is a huge cut, but the section to be cut could be airlayered.