Would you chop?

Hi everyone,
I have an arakawa maple, that I started working on last year. I reduced the hight by almost half and eliminated most of the structural issues along the way. I can’t make up my mind about the apex though. There is a straight tapereless part that I feel is kinda boring and a bit out of place with the rest of the tree.
My question is would you chop it at the red line and restart the whole top?
Also planning to add branch and root grafts next season.
Here are some pics

Yes I would and the branch to the right of the chop I would wore up as the apex. You will get a more dramatic taper and better structure over time…it’s hard because I would be attached to the nice little ramification you have above the chop line.

Actually I would air layer but I am a sucker for “more material” at times!

Thanks, that was all I needed :slight_smile:
Already have the twig that will start growing as the new apex in place!
Once it compartmentalizes I’ll come back and clean up the cut.

If recent leaf drop some movement in x branches would great