Sharpening tools how to

I’m new to the forum and Mirai. I have been looking for a definitive source for sharpening concave, root and gnob cutters. YouTube videos are all over the place - no consistent message as to where the bevel should be, sharpen inside, outside, etc. Can that be addressed here ?


I second that!!!

iI would definitely be interested in a How-To video of sharpening tools as well

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Peter Warren does a series on sharpening bonsai tools.


there will be no definitive sources on sharpening. Have a look at woodworking resources for information in the various methods/approaches. Wood turners in specific use curved blades. Sharpening (as a lot of other topics) will provide you with wonderful flame wars online as there are people with very strong and high held principles on the different techniques.
In principle the general idea of sharpening/creating and maintaining a cutting edge do apply also to any curved blade.


I couldn’t agree more with Antelion. I’d personally recommend Paul Sellers’ youtube videos on sharpening; he’s like the Bob Ross of the woodworking world. Like he says, almost all of these cutting tools are variations of the chisel. For instance, a saw is just a bunch of small chisels lined up in a metal jig. In the bonsai tool world, it’s almost entirely just two chisels overlapping at the point of the cut.

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I like this guy. He explains thing well and he’s pretty above average at bonsai :slight_smile:


That is a superbly presented article. Thanks for sharing.