Seedlings in Europe, where?

Hi there. Does anyone know where tree seedlings can be bought in Europe? The plants that I can find in Italy are usually commercial gardening species, but I would love to buy, grow, and train more unusual species that are very common in the bonsai community. Because seedlings can easily be shipped within Europe, can anyone recommend online sellers?
Thank you.

Have you tried any bonsai outlets? They normally keep a stock of starter material for enthusiasts.

Yes, I have tried but they sell pre-bonsais at excessive prices. Some sell cuttings of itoigawa and kishu, but no other species.

Maillot Bonsai, in France.

I think bonsai nurseries are not a good choice. First, I would look at, what kind of trees grow in your region. Then what size of bonsai you want. For small trees I have switched to seeds. For larger ones, I order young plants from forest nurseries. With such material you can achieve good results within about 10 years.
I grow pinus, larix and tsuga by seed. If you are looking for special varieties of acer palmatum - this will be difficult. What kind of trees are you looking for?

Thank you @Michel and thank you @satsuki61 . Curiosity would push me to try various species, including Japanese. Forest nurseries is definitely a good idea, so I will search them around me. As to the seeds, I have tried them but the success rate is rather low.

Hallo Simone
Check the internet to see if the seeds need to be stratified and how germination develops over the years.
For example, pinus sylvestris seeds must be stratified. I mix them with moist sand in February and put them in a jar in the refrigerator. Once a week I check if the first roots appear, then I sow them. The germination rate is over 80%, even with Larix. It is also important if the plant is light germinator, then it should not be covered with soil.


Thank you @satsuki61 for the suggestions. I have applied stratification in the refrigerator, or scarification where needed, but most seeds did not wake up. Probably the vendor had sold seeds that were not active. I will try again. In the meantime, I have found this vendor of seedlings and cuttings for forestry: . I will give them a try, as it appears to have very interesting species and varieties.

Hi Simone, I have today put in the fridge almost 200 seeds of different varieties, some of which (European Larch) I gathered while walking my dog last week. Some seeds need as much as 39 weeks in the fridge while larch, zelkova etc need only 12 weeks, some can simply be sown straight away in spring. Most junipers can take up to two years to germinate so they do require patience. Did you do a float test to check the viability of the seeds?
Another thing you could do is look at what is growing in peoples gardens and if any have seed ask the owner. I got some Italian Cypress that way.
Springtime is also good for getting hold of peoples cast offs. I have saved many trees for ending up in the waste this way and have a fantastic Sabina juniper just waiting to be styled. It was growing in the wrong place and the owner was throwing it out.

Thanks Keith, I will give seeds some more chances!