Saulieu Expo 2019 (France)

Password: saulieu2019

Thank you Sonia.
Absolutely awsome.
Any of them yours? (Just yes or no…)

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answer to post requires min 20 characters just to say: No …


Start a thread and post a bonsai or three.
Would love to see whats up in Belgium!
(Got to be the middle of the night there right now!)

+7h time difference with NP California

Excellent coverage of a great show. Thank you.

Some great photos in there. On a personal note it was cool to see my small contribution to the exhibition. I think you were the only one to photograph it. :joy:

I see your lovely chuhin punica in there @Blown55 its a great shot of it.

I made a short film of the exhibition but because I was in the hall so early and the light wasn’t great because of the rain I struggled with my exposure.


I really enjoyed that! It was so inspiring. The close ups of the containers, the accompaniments, fading out of the ramification and focusing in on the deadwood; nice touch.

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Thank you. The whole film thing is very new to me but I’m really enjoying something else to learn.

Very nice coverage of the exhibition. You have some nice angles and perspective/focus changes in there. Without proper lighting the exposure (and colours) will always be an issue.

which one was yours @Dean_Kelly? nice footage of the Saulieu expo! Thanks for sharing!

@Blown55 was this Pomegranate yours? Ma-gni-fi-que! :boom:

No tree this year @Diabolo. I lent my wingman a Davallia fejeensis (Rabbit foot fern) which coincidentally I got from @Blown55. It was to accent his Taxus cuspidata which is the first tree in your selection of photos. :+1:t3:

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Yes that is my punica, thank you. For those that have never been I would class Saulieu as a ‘must do’. Not only for the tree quality and diversity of traders but for the atmosphere. It has the feel of being at a friend’s party.It’s a fair bit of travel for us but worth every mile.

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That is a really nice tree.
How is Saulieu compared to the Trophy in size? Do they also have comparable demonstrations or is one sitting closer?

The European Bonsai-San Show (Saulieu) is not anywhere near the scale of the Trophy when it comes to the amount of exhibition trees, traders or public footfall. But I think this is what adds to the charm of the event. It’s very intimate in comparison to the vastness of the Trophy.

As an exhibitor at either event you feel incredibly privileged and proud because the standard and quality of bonsai is equally high at both events, but in Saulieu you really do feel part of the event. It’s difficult to explain but it’s something almost everyone agrees upon, Saulieu is a genuinely special exhibition that once experienced you continue to feel the magic of.

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Dean used the key word, intimate. I think about 100 exhibition trees but all well chosen. Just over 50 traders with a number being different to The Trophy. .The demo’s are different in that you are right in there with the artists. The hall itself is very unusual like an upturned wooden boat hull, and the light is good. You feel wanted and the village itself is charming.
Both the Trophy and Saulieu are the highlight of the year for me and compliment each other perfectly but that intimacy just wins the day in France. The Trophy has become huge (Not a problem) whereas Saulieu just wins on feel if I had to pick a favourite. If The Trophy was a well cut business suit then Saulieu would be jeans and a T shirt. Both events are extremely well run. I can’t wait…


Hello @Dean_Kelly, @Blown55,

Thank you for the additional pointers. Sounds like I need to try to add a trip to France to the calendar…