Satkuki Azalea Hardiness Zone

Salutations…I have a small Miyuki and a Medium to Large size Shinnyonotsuki, and am now checking the hardiness zone, and noticed that the hardiness zone starts at 7. I live in the KCMO area and I live in 5a or 5b zone.
Am I doing a disservice to the tree by having them? Are there some special things I could do? My lil one when I got I repotted, I have had it for 2 winters now and looks great amd the other I just repotted after I have had it for a year, so time will tell. Any advice would be greatly appreciated…ty


@BonsaiGuy Do you have a greenhouse or a 3 season porch or sunroom?
Development of branches occur in greenhouses in Japan under high temp and humidity.
Any local collections of bonsai that have azalea’s could help you with how they over winter?

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I kept a satsuki here in Spokane, WA - zone 5 for many years. I overwintered it in my cold frame, which typically doesn’t get below 25 deg. F during the winter. If you have a cold frame like that you should have no problem.


I have a poly house they go into during winter. I mulch up over the soil. Ty for the comment

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