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I recently ordered 10 japanese Larix and 10 shore pine saplings 6 bristlecone pines from the place below and was really impressed. 2 day delivery from Oregon to Boston and everything was extremely healthy and priced well. online can be hit or miss so I wanted to share a place that could be a resource for grafting material or young material to be field grown.

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After reading the first two sentences, I knew you were referring to Scenic Hill Farms.
In my opinion, it’s a great nursery that offers service, quality and fairly exceptional value.

Yesterday I grafted 15 large trees with “wolterdingen” (I love that word) and Larix decidua ‘Pendula’.

I also replaced a few bristlecone pines. I had some a few years ago, but they did not survive.

I believe I was over watering them.

On the topic, I’d like to put in a word of recommendation for my friend Dylan, who operates Cedar Rose nursery in Placerville.

I’ve been to the Nursery, and can attest firsthand that the quality of his material is off the charts good. In my opinion, he is the best pre-Bonsai grower in the United States and he’s willing to ship, and his prices are super reasonable.

He has a massive collection of both starters, and more mature trees.

There is way more at the Nursery than he has listed on eBay or his website.

I suggest contacting him if you’re interested in buying really good quality fair priced stuff. He is a professional with a degree in horticulture.

He knows his plants, and he knows growing as well as anyone in the profession. He’s also an exceptionally nice helpful person so again I really recommend people reach out to him.

His website is very basic and fundamental.

There is much much more than meets the virtual eye.

Happy growing

Too funny I found cedar rose the other night randomly and thought wow this is has huge potential. Awesome to get confirmation that the quality is as good as the pictures!

Everything was sold out as of now but definitely a place I will check

I got some bristlecones myself, I will try to keep them on the dry side

Left Coast Bonsai in Portland, OR Left Coast Bonsai - seedlings & growing supplies and Bonsaify in the San Francisco Bay Area Bonsaify | Buy Bonsai Trees | Bonsai Pots & Supplies both offer a variety of whips and young material along with more developed stock.