Ryans vacation in Sweden

Did I hear Ryan is going on vacation soon? Or did I just dream that?

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I wouldn´t call it a vacation :slight_smile:

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Maybe Ryan went to Sweden for work

He did indeed - Ryan visited us at the Scandinavian Bonsai Retreat in Älvdalen, hosted by Thor Holvila.

Besides also having some vacation time in the mountains around there with Taft, he ran a workshop for two days.

And I have to say, working with Ryan in person is something else. Its really hard for me to quantify the amount and level of learning I felt was achieved, both by me personally, and by the group as a whole. I’ll share some photos of my trees over in the design category, and I’ve got a few photos from the workshop here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiYFN9gr2_yRcrgKK12L0zM6PZiU_xoxjylGBI0/ if you guys want to have a look :slight_smile:


Ryan is a great professional and it’s fortunate to see him work in person! :+1::+1: