Rubber band theory

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Would anyone mind taking the time to explain the Rubber Band Theory. I hear it refered to frequently on the streams when discussing pot size selection but I can’t seem to find a definition when I run an online search.

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There is a stream where is breaks it down somewhat more in-depth than others, but it’s escaping me at the moment. Maybe it was a podcast, I dunno.

But as I understand it, when selecting a pot, there is a size that is generally accepted as a good size for a tree based on trunk girth, canopy, etc.

The rubber band theory is that you can play with those dimensions. If you want to make that pot shallower, you need to make it wider (stretching out the rubber band). Or if you need to make it deeper, you make it narrower. There is a limit on what the tree can handle, but the rubber band is a way to visualize how much flexibility you have with container choice.

This is mostly an aesthetic choice, but the it affects the horticulture as well. It will change the watering needs, as the soil column will act differently with different heights.


Hey there! I think we discuss the rubber band theory in the Ceramic Primer stream, found here:

Off the top of my head I can’t say with 100% certainty that it’s there, but that’ll be a great starting point either way.


Thanks guys I’ll dig into all that

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No rubber band mention on that stream. I’ll perhaps ask for info on Thursdays Q and A.

It may be in “Beginner Series: Ceramic Selection”

Negative but thanks anyway

@nmhansen did a good job of breaking it down. It’s basically about playing with proportions.

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