Root over wood Dwarf Schefflera - Which front looks Best

Trying to decide on which front looks best. Pre-Bonsai Dwarf schefflera obtained from Fuku Bonsai in Hawaii in a 2” pot and trained as a root over Hardwood. Let me know your thoughts.

image image

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Also disregard the fake red berries the mother-in-law put on to make it more christmasish

The first pic looks best.
Also. I have been to Fuku Bonsai, very interesting place. The owner, David and I talked for a while about his methods of working with tropicals.
I remember the grocery stores had Fuku Bonsai in plastic terrarium like containers for sale. So weird.

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That’s how I first heard of them, I was in the airport terminal flying to the big island and saw them in one of the terminal stores. I saw they were on the island we were going to and I made the wife go once we were there haha… it was actually the first bonsai class I took and it started me down the path of my bonsai addiction.

Thanks for the recommendation

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David was talking my ear off about becoming a Fuku student/ teacher of the Fuku way and bringing to Mainland USA. Quite a character! :evergreen_tree::grinning::metal:t2:

What about other 2 sides?