Rockplanting, preventing waterloss

so im preparing this rock to plant a spruce on.
to prevent too much waterloss due to the whole bottom and 1 side will be mesh, i was thinking of putting a layer of spaghnum moss at the bottom before putting soil.
what’s your thought on that? good idea? bad idea, any better suggestion?

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@Tommy, what zone do you live in and what is your climate like there? Maybe that might help with the decision.

Zone 9, Summers can be hot often in the 90’s, my spruces seem to like some shade during the hot times and they love a lot of water.
Winters are mild with freezing during the night. It’s borderline too warm for spruces here though they seem to be doing ok for several years now

Better tune in tonight. I’m sure we are diving deep into these questions. We are actually working with a spruce tonight and planting on a slab that looks very similar to the rock you have pictured here.

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Ok, I’ll have to watch most of it on the archive video then, will be in an airplane most of the stream