Rendezvous Content

I know there are recent posts in the archive of national show and rendezvous content, but I swear I read somewhere that @Kendall mentioned Mirai would be posting multiple videos from the rendezvous. I can’t seem to find where she said it, now. Maybe I’m crazy. Are there plans to post anything more from that event? I desperately wanted to go, but just couldn’t make it. I really wanted to attend Randy Knight’s talk on collecting. If that is available anywhere it would be fantastic.


Here ya go! , - we haven’t released the randy knight talk yet

Thanks @kendall, are you going to be posting Ryan’s display critique as well? Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend it at the Rendevous.

@Roger_Snipes - yes we will be posting that soon! The video is still being edited.

Will the Curttright/Reel demo too? What about Hagedorn’s?

@Kendall thank you. Long delay in my reply. I appreciate it. Can’t wait for Randy’s talk to be posted. Sorry to hear you’re leaving. You’ve been instrumental in helping all of us.

Thank you so very much.

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