Removing bigg branches in spring time. (mid march)

hey all.
Just bought an acer with some larger branches really out of place.
including 3 branches that start at the same place.
Acer Buergerianum.

Now I wonder if I can still remove it in mid-march.
I live in belgium.
Thank you for your answer.

It’s hard to answer this generally. A picture would be suitable.
I wouldn’t expect any big problems if the tree hasn’t pushed yet but i would probably wait till fall to take the safe route.

Especially if you recently bought the tree i find it helpful to let the tree “acclimatize” to you and your treatment.


I would let the first flush harden off before doing any major surgery. It will be preparing to bud out now so best to wait.

Thanks ones more for your reply!!!
I wait ontil december.