Removing, altering or address archived content

@Sam, Ryan has mentioned that he doesn’t want to write a book because information and practices are changing too often for him to feel comfortable with doing so. Doesn’t the same immutability exist when viewing a stream in isolation? I ask this because I noticed that the experimental compost application stream is still available. If someone hasn’t been keeping up to date on the topic they may think that this is something they’d like to try.

Then that got me wondering about information in old streams and how do you go about revisions for such things. :thinking: Anyway, I would have tagged Eve, but idk her user name lol.

Hey Bentley! For future reference, you should now be able to tag Eve at @Eve :slight_smile:

You raise an excellent point and one that I don’t know that we’ve previously considered. We’ll chat with Ryan about adding a disclaimer. He probably feels that since we discuss it in Q+As and streams fairly often, folks have been updated, but I agree that we probably need to add something.

And as for revisions to old streams…yeah, not sure we’ve done much of that either. We will look into it!

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