Removing a branch off a Shimpaku juniper

Hi guys, I have a shimpaku which I’ve styled. I left the lower most branch as a sacrifice. But little did I know then, that I should have put in some movement. Or selected a higher positioned branch as a sacrifice.

This is the tree in question.
How would you approach the removal of that lower most branch at the base of the trunk?
I was thinking of cutting the branch flush into the trunk and where it lies, make a shari and runs up. But am not sure if I will leave a circular mark where the Shari runs,

Jin the branch? Looks too straight.
Or cut it flush and allow the trunk to thicken and close the wound? If I do this, I’ll need to keep the apical branch for a longer period of time.

What would you do?

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I would leave a short jin - most of the straight section to start. You can then cut it back and refine it as you see how it fits into the rest of the design. This may well include a shari along the trunk with the dead branch being the reason for the shari. I would not cut it flush since that will either be obvious in a shari or take a very long time to heal as you point out.

How is the base of the trunk? Since we can’t really see if it has a good base or more movement you may want to keep it. Especially if it turns out the base is a good bit lower. The base may also pull back to the right of the picture base.

I’d be tempted to clear out carefully around the base until you find where the roots start to spread out from the trunk. Have a look at the Beginners Series: Finding the Front in Conifers video.

Hopefully I am not teaching you to suck eggs! If I am, apologies!