JBP Development and Whorls

Debating to continue to let the sacrifice branch grow or remove it as well as a few other at the whorl. I don’t want inverse taper, not sure how much more time this whorl has before that happens.

I definitely suggest to act now. Already seeing the whorl being tiny bigger than branch below it as well as the thickest branch above. These two smallest additions are just speeding up the process of inverse taper creation.

I can already see some swelling but part of it could be corrected removing some extra tissue adjacent to the sacrifice branch once you remove it. For me it is hard to say how critical it is to remove it now without seeing the entire tree. If it is a shohin then a tiny bit of inverse taper or a large wound (if you want it healed) will be more noticeable than if that is a smaller detail on a larger tree with other points of interest that focus the viewer’s attention.

I have attached new photos for my design for the tree. The idea is to create a large trunk for a Shohin tree. Cut the main leader, reduce whorl and place wire to set structure on the entire tree and create a new apex leader. I’m thinking of branch #2 as the new sacrificial leader for further trunk thickening. 1 3 5 8 9 10 11