Junction of three create inverse taper if one is deadwood?

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with leaving two branches (or one ‘trunk’ and one ‘branch’) and one ‘branch/trunk’ of jin/deadwood at the same ‘junction’. Will inverse taper likely be an issue in this situation (as it likely would if all three segments were alive)? Let’s assume there isn’t any noticeable inverse taper when the deadwood is created.

It feels to me it would be an issue, perhaps partly as I don’t feel like I see this exist very often in photos of bonsai. However, only two of the segments are growing and thickening, which would seem to indicate less likelihood of issues, at least not for a significant number of years. Perhaps it depends on the connection with the deadwood and how that may impact the live veins swelling when the two living segments grow. Obviously, I’d be curious Ryan’s thoughts on the matter. Also interested in anyone’s experience or thoughts.

Sorry, I don’t have an example sitting in front of me in my garden that is specific…just theoretical ideas.