Black pine branch

Hi guys I’m wondering if anyone has a thought on these branches, they have been there a long time I purchased it this way. I’m wondering if they may have been a single branch at one time. It doesn’t look like there is any inverse taper but I don’t want it to become a problem either!
I’ve included pictures


Hi @adam,
Classically, the response is that you appear to have 3 branches coming from one site. Over time, this will lead to swelling and inverse taper. However, sometimes a classic flaw can be a defining feature in a tree. If you want to keep all three branches, think what you can do to manage potential problems.

Hi Andy
My thought at present is to reduce the size of one branch to allow some depth to the tree

It will have to be done at some stage. Will you cut it flush or go for a Jin?

Hi Andy
Thanks for your input, I’ll cut it flush at this point.
The plan is to build a bit more strength into the tree this year and see where it takes me

This looks like a nice tree…where’d you purchase this if you don’t mind me asking?

Thanks Jessie
I brought it from Australian bonsai growers in park ridge.