Need help to identify my pine

Hi guys! I just recently bought a pine. Can someone help me to identify what kind of pine it is? The plant shop owner said it is a Japanese pine.

Also, the 2nd photo the top most part of the trunk has 3 branches coming out and starting to have swelling I think. Do I need cut 1 of the branch or leave it?


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If it really is a Japanese pine it is a black pine pinus thumbergei but I am not sure from looking at your pictures. If it was mine I would cut off one of the 2 side branches off at the top. Nice little tree. I would also get it in a bit bigger of a pot and grow it out some but I like big bonsai they are much easier to get the proportions believable. If you want to keep it small I would at least get it into some proper soil this spring. That wire scar at the base is a shame but it may go away with enough time.

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Thank you for the reply. When I brought it home I quickly checked it and saw the wire already bitting down on the trunk base. So I quickly removed it and transparent sap came out. I will look for a bigger pot and I will change the soil but I’m not familiar what month of the year is spring because I’m leaving in South East Asia.

It is already November and I’m not sure if I can cut a branch this time of the year for Black pine. Can I still cut/prune them? Just stared doing bonsai and hopefully it grows and develops.