Japanese Black Pine Style Advice

So I got their Japanese Black Pine from the local nursery. I love the trunk and bark but there is a terrible internode. I would love any style advice. Thanks. Sorry as a new member I can only post 1 picture.

Check out the JBP development series on BonsaiTonight.com
Best resource on the web for your question

Hey @Dustyn77,

To me this tree is not quite ready to style per se. I would agree with @Brad that it needs some more development. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some moves now. You could select a leader to wire some movement into, wire some movement into branches that will be part of the final design, and do some root work! I would probably put this into a larger container to give it some more room to grow (do the wire work first). Bonsai Tonight is great for this stage as Brad mentioned.
In the picture below the yellow line is what I see as a possible new leader (trunk line). The red lines indicate sacrifice branches that you would keep for now to help build girth, but that will be removed over time.
The purple area is where I might do some needle reduction to open up light to the lower areas.

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