Design ...base to tip

Looking for any input on how you would design this. Owner of the nursery i go to gave it to me. Did some basic cleaning and height reduction

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For me first, I would take off the bar branches in that nice little crook there. Then I would trim the lower left branch back to an interior piece of foliage. On the right side I would shorten (to foliage) the one growing up and the farther right one. See if that cleans it up for you to make wiring decisions

It’s a cool looking tree that looks a little swampy, weepy look to it

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Don’t know about Southern California but I’d recommend repotting in late winter into a bonsai pot and not touching again till early fall of next year if it grows well need the foliage left on to help make roots for next season. At least that’s the mirai doctrine

They were asking for design, base to tip. Nothing about repotting :woman_shrugging:t3:

Both valid points!

I was struggling with the design conceptually so that’s where I was hoping to tease out the impulse design decisions of the members.

I also do always appreciate the reminder of appropriate “order of operations”

Hy we need better pictures with a neutral background of the front you chose and one from a little bit left and right of the front. And remove the first layers of soil to see if there is a good nebari, because without that you can’t choose a front.

Find the nebari and put it in the ground… will it survive in your climate?

yes it will be fine in my climate (chamaecyparis pisifera filifera zone 4-8)