Redwood Pinching video - do these concepts apply to Bald Cypress?

Just watched the “Redwood Pinching” video. Do these concepts apply to Bald Cypress, which seems similar in many aspects?


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I can’t help with answering your question, but I did want to acknowledge how incredibly beautiful that redwood Was! I just watched it as well and holllly do I ever love that tree! So powerful.

I was actually going to start a new thread just to praise this tree but stumbled on this and thought it was fitting. Hopelly someone can give you a clear answer regarding bald cypress. On a side note, your videos are incredible! I visited the linked website and was stoked on the content. Very talented!


There is a stream purely about bald cypress. You dont pinch them but cut the fronds once they start to go purple on the stems. I will see if i can find the link the the stream in a min. So the answer is no you dont, if you want to develop ramification.

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Only, it’s not a bald cypress. That stream is on a pond cypress. He keeps calling it a baldy, but no.

As for pinching, bald cypress respond to everything.