Recommended soil for cork oak

Hello everyone, I remember Ryan recommending Kanuma instead of Akadama for cork oaks but I do not remember what video was it. I wanted to refresh my memory. Does anyone remember what video was it, or confirm that I remember correctly and maybe expand on the reasoning for it?

I vaguely remember him saying that, or more accurately that some people in Europe do it but that he maybe doesn’t. I’m pretty sure he’s has mentioned that he uses 100% akadama for his oaks, both evergreen and deciduous oaks in his own garden.

There may be a good reason to add kanuma if you need a little acidity, but if that’s the only reason, there are other ways to add acidity.

Found… video minute 1:09.

Some have added Kanuma to their cork oaks, however kanuma is extremely soft and oak roots would break it down quickly. I personally have had great success with 100% akadama as well as a 3-1-1 mix for my cork oaks.

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