Kanuma supplier?

Are there different qualities of Kanuma like there are akadama? Who is a good supplier?

Just like Akadama, they are different qualities of Kanuma.
Being that it shipped from its origin in Japan, it will break down and there will be sifting to be done.
Depending on how much moisture is in the material before it is bagged will affect its ability to hold its structure during its long journey.
Like Akadama, when wet, it will break down very easy. So it is very important that these two materials are dry before chopsticking. With that I should mention that Kanuma is very soft even when dry, so quality is very important.
Maybe @Sam @ryan @CARDOZA can tell you which brand Mirai uses, I’m sure it will be top quality and then you can find a supplier online to order.

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Well, maybe there’s not much in use in our community here. I am going to try some from Bonsai Tonight, it doesn’t say what brand it is though…
The “local” bonsai shop doesn’t carry it at all.