Questions on Pomegranate

I have 2 questions on a recent acquisition.

I noticed black on the leaves and stems of my pomegranate earlier in the spring. It has since leafed out well and appears to be healthy although the black is still present. I’m not sure if it is spreading.
Help with identification and treatment would be greatly appreciated if it is a concern.

The 2nd question has to do with the leaf colouration. The leaves appear to be more yellow around the leaf perimeter. Is this normal colouration? Is it signaling a nutritional problem or something else?

Thanks for any advice.

looks like a nutritional deficiency but you should seek more info from where you acquired it; Last time it was re-potted, when it was last fertilized and if they have recently treated it with any micro nutrients or pesticides.

Thank you for your recommendation.
I gave it some solid fertilizer and a bit of liquid - and it has lost much of the yellowing.