Prunus cerasifera nigra

Hi guys
I have a Prunus cerasifera nigra, would love to know more about this tree, general information, do and don’t…
When can I prun it and report it …

And pics if you have one

It’s a very vigorous deciduous tree with lovely early spring flowers that grows like a weed here in the south of the UK throwing up suckers from the base and from the roots from the one I have one as a garden tree. So far in Bonsai terms I’ve just pruned in late spring / early summer after the leaves have hardened off or in Autumn after leaf fall. I’ve repotted in early spring as is convention for deciduous trees.

Here’s a little one in the very early stages of development as root over rock at the end of 2017 (I haven’t photographed it since). Untouched it’s grown about 3 foot each of the two years I’ve had it.

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thank you for your answer !!
i will do some work on it this season and shear …