Prostrata juniper graft it or not?

Hi friends ,

I have had this prostrata juniper and love the trunk movement . It’s grown from cutting .

Being a prostrata , it’s prone to revert to juvenile growth easily after any pruning . I never cut off juvenile foliage and it does change overtime into matured foliage . Also the foliage is long and has been difficult to compact it to my liking .

So I thought of grafting it itoigawa as it’s much smaller , compact , doesn’t revert back to juvenile like prostrata . But like Ryan I feel like not all junipers need to be kishu or itoigawa .

So thoughts if I can continue on the journey with prostrata foliage or just bite the bullet and get it grafted ?


Beautiful trunk line - if you’re unhappy with how the foliage responds, you’re only prolonging the inevitable. To me, this is the perfect grafting candidate.


I agree, I have a juniper that I’ve been trying to get the foliage compacted for more then 10 years.
Every time I touched it it, no matter to what degree, it reverted back to long droopy juvenile foliage. Eventually I decided to graft itoigawa on it, I’m sorry I didn’t do it years ago.