Juvenile foliage on junipers

I saw some nursery stock junipers with nice trunk caliper and movement. Foliage is about 25% juvenile. I know styling can push them even further that way.
Question is how long does it take juvenile foliage to resolve? Should I pass on these. I think not due Preformatted textto the trunk and branching but there always is something out there. Thanks for any response. John

Juvenile foliage doesn’t’ bother me much anymore. If the trunk and branching are good, that’s what matters to me. The foliage can always revert, and sometimes for something totally out of your control like weather changes. It always seems to revert after a repot or major work with mine. I have had them revert back in a year on the short side of the timeline, sometimes longer2/3 years.


I always keep grafting in mind when I look at nursery stock junipers. A really good trunk and branching can be worth the time and effort, and may not take much longer than it takes for the juvenile foliage to mature.