Proper time for time for decandling Austrian Black Pine?

Hello, Mirai community,
I have a couple of Austrian Black pines who are native to Serbia, so I want to test Mirai technique on this tree. After looking at Rayan video a noticed that needles are older than mine, can somebody confirm and explain how to know when is the good time to cut them of, I am from Europe so the actual month June,July isn’t sufficient information. I heard something about white residue on needles, is that one of the indicators f needle maturity?

I assume you’re referring to the two streams Ryan has on Austrian pines, and probably the second one on decandling.

In that second one he talks about decandling once the growth has hardened off. For those of us in the Pacific NW (Oregon, Washington) late July (when he was doing this) is mid-late summer for us. But the main point he makes is once the new growth has accumulated some energy. But you don’t want to wait too long, because you want the tree to have enough time to set up new buds. So you’re balancing accumulating energy, with having enough time to set up new buds. He also talks about the color of the growth at about the 13 minute mark.

Hope that helps.

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Hey, Tac tnx a lot for replying and helping. I’m trying to figure out exactly what you are talking about the best time to remove candles. 13 minute mark really helps, I will continue to fertilize during June to observe the progress of signs of maturing this year’s growth.