Premna Soil Mix

Hello everyone,

Does someone has grown a Premna Taiwan?

I am Wondering about the best soil composition not only suitable but to make it thrive in this soil.

I am living in Thailand, there’s pretty much 2 ( or 3 ) seasons Humid and dry, anyway it is pretty humidity and hot all the time of the year.

I know that Premna do like water as they produce lots of roots. I think the soil composition for a Premna will be very close if not similar to a Ficus.

Since I know Mirai I use only 3 soils, Akadama Pumice and Lava rock.

I am wondering if a Premna will support Akadama ? It is a pretty vigorous tree that can easily grow on rock in the nature but I am not sure if it can grow on some kind of clay soil.

Above that what ration would you suggest me in my situation? And should I add an other element like Pine Bark ?

Thank you for your help and suggestions

Ps: I know that soil mix is a tricky ask, but I would like dome of your advices then test it and adapt it over time, as long as premna are fast growers some repot it every six months ! I won’t do it but I will have enough repotting to find the most suitable mix for me ^^ just need some guidelines as the ratio is something a bit abstract for me as a beginner.

If you are developing- thickening and producing more foliage and root mass, pot it up in a nursery mix.
If you are refining, then you put put in a mix of Akadama ,Pumice , Lava.
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Definitely refining, here’s a picture of it, and I have the size and overall shape that I want.

About the mix 2:1:1 Akdama Pumice Lava rock sounds good to you ? I was thinking should a had a bit of Pine Bark or will it be too much of water holding capacity ? I know they need and like water I am just wondering how far can I go …
Also for the first repotting I won’t remove to much of the original soil, I will do a light root prunning maybe 1/3 depending on what I see, and leave a good amount of its original soil to not stress it too much even tho it is a prettynhardy tree.

Edit: next year I will also go for an Ebihara technique, I know the premna do talbot necessarily need nice flat nebari as a Maple for example but i already have a good base for it